Monday, November 17, 2008

Initial Posting

This will be a short site that will chat about MMORPG game Runescape and our achievements in the game and eventually some of the artwork that we create about the game.

My daughter has been playing this game for about three years. I watched her playing and decided to join her online two years ago. I did this to monitor her while she is on the computer. While playing we have discovered that there are a large number of parents who play online with their children and enjoy the experience of playing together in a virtual world.

You will see postings here from TOMT1960 (which is my account) and ZELDA 40022 (is my daughter). Zelda has an email account, but, only her mother and myself have the password so that all communications with her must pass through us first as she is a minor. The postings that you see in this blog are her own words with my input on grammar and spelling.

We use primarily Linux as our operating systems and Runescape does not have any problems with this and runs very smoothly. The main machine is dual boot Linux and Vista where we use Vista for the HD mode as the driver for Linux is less than stable on my machine at this time.

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