Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Skill - Firemaking

Firemaking is a skill that allows you to set logs on fire. One of the useful things is that you can use it to cook food. Firemaking is a skill that is required for a few quests and mini-games. The skill itself does not make you money unless you consider the cooked food to sell.

One thing we have found out about firemaking is that when you get high enough to cut and burn Yew (or Magic) it is actually better to burn maple logs. When you burn Yew you get around 202 experience points (XP) for each log, with Maple you get 135 XP. If you sell the Yew on the Grand Exchange (G.E.) you can get 460 gold pieces (GP) for each log. Maple goes for 37 GP each. So, for every Yew you sell you can then buy 12 Maple logs. To do the math, one Yew log will give you 202 XP, but, 12 Maple logs will give you 1,620 XP. If you do want to go for level 99 in firemaking you will burn a lot more Maple logs, but, you won't have to cut as many logs when you cut Yew and buy Maple.

One other note, Maple is a Pay-to-Play item that only members can cut. If you are a free-to-play you will need to check if you can buy maple on the G.E.

Update 1:

The following table shows:
  • The six types of logs we commonly cut.
  • The woodcutting level required for the log and the XP gained from burning the logs.
  • We assumed you have the firemaking level for at least maple logs.
  • The current G.E. price (November 29, 2008) for the logs.
  • The XP per GP if you bought the logs for burning.
  • The number of maple logs if you sold them and buy maple.
  • The total XP gained by burning the maples you buy.

Log WC Lvl FM XP GP XP/GP Buy Maple Maple FM XP
Logs 1 40 25 1.6 0.68 91.22
Oak 15 60 25 2.4 0.68 91.22
Willow 30 90 18 5 0.49 65.68
Maple 45 135 37 3.65 1 135
Yew 60 202.5 456 0.44 12.32 1663.78
Magic 75 303.75 1271 0.24 34.35 4637.43

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