Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bonus XP weekend - Prep time

With the weekend of March 12th approaching Zelda and myself are starting to prepare the schedule of activities for the weekend.  She is planning on starting with Hunter and then go over to firemaking later on with possible other activities.  I have a lot more planned as I want to get multiple levels over the weekend.  I am planning on Farming, summoning, herblore, hunter, crafting, smithing and fletching in that order.  For the last week I have been building up my supplies of what I need for the weekend.

Primary Secondary Quantity Stocked
Avantoe Mort Myre Fungus 119 Y
Cadantine White Berries 378 Y
Dwarf Weed Wine of Zamorak 84 Y
Harralander Ground Goat Horn 202 Y
Irit Eye of Newt 695 Y
Kwuarm Limpwurt Root 86 Y
Lantadyme Dragon Scale 77 Y
Ranarr Snape Grass 117 Y

Trees Protection Location Planted
Magic 25 coconuts Gnome Stronghold
Magic 25 coconuts Lumbridge
Magic 25 coconuts Varrock
Magic 25 coconuts Falador
Magic 25 coconuts Falador 2
Palm 15 Papaya Llyetta
Palm 15 Papaya Catherby
Palm 15 Papaya Gnome Stronghold
Palm 15 Papaya Gnome village

Bushes Protection Location Planted
Poison Ivy None Rimmington Y
Poison Ivy None Champions guild
Poison Ivy None Etceteria
Poison Ivy None Monastery Y
Mushroom None Canifis Y
Cactus None El Kharid Y
Belladona None Draynor Y

Charms Secondary Quantity Stocked
Gold Raw Bird Meat 500 Y
Red Granite 311 Y
Green Water Orb 1 Y
Green Willow Branch 138 Y
Green Shark 131 Y
Blue Fire Talisman 1 Y
Blue Earth Talisman 1 Y
Blue Obsidian Charm 106 Y

As you can see I have a lot of materials ready.  I expect to get my next farming level and herbcrafting and hunter levels.  I may not make the next level in summoning, smithing, crafting and fletching, but, I should get very close so that I can get the levels in another week or two. Over this week I plan on getting all of my farming done ahead of time so that on the weekend all I have to do is check and harvest. Thursday I will go back to Miscellania to pick up what the NPCs have harvested for me in the way of herbs and clean and prepare the unfinished pots so that on the weekend all I have to do is finish them.

I did a quick check on the forums in Runescape and a lot of people are being negative about this.  I look at this as a positive as it give us additional incentive to work on our non-combat skills and it won't be as much of a grind working on our levels.  When I get most of my stuff done I will probably join Zelda and work on our hunting skill together.

For other news I changed my name to Max CH4 from TOMT1960 and GRANDPA TOMT.  The reasoning is that Zelda suggested it as a joke and it was something totally different.  I am now combat level 125 and my total levels is now 2075.  I am still working on my ranging level and once it hits 90 I will be finishing off the Nomad's Requiem quest.

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