Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bots are getting to be a major pain again

For the last bit I have noticed more bots on the P2P sites.  The auto typing bots at the G.E. advertising the sites are getting to be a major pain.  When I was on the F2P site with my other account it was even worse.  The G.E. seems to be almost all bots, the chat window scrolls with all of the bots advertising various sites for 'GOLD' and other crap.  I was glad when I saw the Jagex announcement on the bot problem and that they are looking at it. 

I hope that they are also looking at the companies who process the payments.  Follow the money and then find the choke point financially and shut that down.  It won`t shut all of the bot makers, but, if we shut off their flow of money it will hurt them and possible cause a number of smaller outfits to shut down.  That and when they do get the list of players who make use of those services Jagex should ban the accounts for life.  These bots are making playing in a number of areas almost impossible as we cannot compete with them for the resources and the fact that players are `buying` gold and that allows them to buy other resources and increase the price offered for the items.  That causes a bubble in the prices that makes it harder for legit players like me to pay inflated prices. 

Lastly I hope that Jagex does figure out how to detect bot and macros then ban those cheats for life.  If you want to play then follow the rules and don`t use the cheats. 

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