Monday, April 2, 2012

Another 99

Just a minor thing and a few notes.  On the weekend I finally got a 99 in firemaking.  A few clan members recommended doing 'curly roots' and I headed over to the Jadinko lairs.  They are right, if you have the ability to get into there it is a great way to quickly get experience in firemaking and there is not any cost to it other than your time.

The Bonus XP weekend was also another wonderful experience.  If you get the chance start stocking up on supplies at least a month before.  I did that for herblore and had over 3,500 unfinished pots ready to go.

On a 'whiny' note I am noticing that there are more and more bots starting to show up.  That and I am getting 'PM' from throw away accounts advertising various 'GOLD' sites.  I keep reporting, but, Jagex should look at ways to shut this down.  I know you can set 'PM' to friends only, but, I like to keep it open for clan members who want to quickly do private chat and not have to add the whole clan to my friend list.

  • Jagex may want to look at limiting how many 'PM' a new account can send out.
  • jagex may also want to investigate the sites and see who the credit card processors are and go after them too.  If they can make it too expensive for the card processors to accept these scammers maybe things will get a bit better to.  This is a possible strategy for the bot makers, go and follow the money and shut down their income.

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