Saturday, March 28, 2009

Soul wars mini-game

For the last few weeks Zelda and myself have been playing the new mini game Soul Wars. The concept itself is nice and the rewards are nice, but, there are a few problems with the game as it stands right now.

The first problem is that people can enter the game and for twenty minutes just stand around doing nothing, but, at the end of the game they get at least one point if they were on the losing side, three for being on the winning side. There have been games where I counted over twenty people standing around the avatar doing absolutely nothing, but, they get free XP at a rate they can't get anywhere else. It should be changed so that if you don't participate you get zero points.

The second problem is somtimes it takes several games before you are allowed to join in. You stand in the waiting areas for twenty-three minutes to the next game and then don't get into that one. Combined with the problem above it is a frustrating experience as those who want to play have to wait while the ones who just stand around get in. As there are only three official servers it can be a highly frustrating experience trying to get in to play.

If you do play the game it is a great way to quickly get XP in a number of areas.

Zelda did another piece of artwork. The insiration for this was we were on opposite sides for a game and I attacked her there and beat her. This is her switching things around showing what she would do the next time.

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