Saturday, May 30, 2009

Soul Wars freeloader fix + Penguin Hide&Seek

Jagex finally made a small fix to Soul Wars. Before people would just stand there and get a reward for doing nothing. I found it very annoying that they would get a reward for doing nothing and I was trying to get in to play and could not. Now that they made the fix people must play or get kicked out without getting rewards. I have not tried it yet, but, when I am doing working on my other skills I will play it again with my dad.

My dad has been playing Penguin hide and seek with me for the last several weeks helping me find all of the penguins across Runescape. There are a few places I cannot go to as I have not done the quest or I just won't go there (high wilderness). I have been putting the rewards to runecrafting so I can get to level 50 and then I can play the 'Great Orb Project' with my dad and really get cool rewards there. I can then buy the teletabs to the various altars so I can get 55 runecrafing, then I can start to make law runes and make lots of GP for the things I want to buy in the game.

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