Saturday, June 20, 2009

TomT Levels

It has been a bit since I last updated the blog. I have been working on a number of my levels and trying to help out Zelda online with her quests. One of my current goals is to get all of my levels up to 80 for all skills and that is taking a lot of effort. The biggest one is runecrafting as the best XP I get is 10 per essence when I do death runes. I have been playing the Great Orb Project for the XP and teletabs to the Law alter which helps along with playing penguin hide & seek each week and putting the XP to runecrafting.

You can see all of my levels to the right as of June 20th. It is slow, but, they are the result of me doing the work and not Bots. I see that Jagex has updated their bot detection and have been removing high level accounts that use bots. I think that is great as it is not fair to all of us who spend our time and energy to get our levels up in a legit way.

Zelda and I have also been playing the evil tree event at least once a day as it gives us great farming, woodcutting and firemaking XP. The rewards when the tree is a maple or higher is nice, but, we are mosting playing it to pump up our XP.

Zelda wants to get to 99 FM as the first skill, but, I know that is going to be a long and hard process as she gets bored after about 15-20 loads of logs burned. I make a game of it in that she needs to work on FM while we wait for the evil tree event. Doing that today she got almost 100k of XP without being too bored.

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