Saturday, July 18, 2009

Linux and HD mode

This week I did an update on my Linux/Vista box for Java and the ATI drivers. Every time I do that I try the HD mode of Runescape to see if it works and it does, partially. It usually allowed me to log in, sound was working and I was in HD, but, when I moved the browser screen or went to another session it would white-out the screen and lock. This time the update works and I can run a HD session that I can re-size, move to another desktop, flip desktops and it works. If you are running Linux you may want to check out the JAVA updates and the ATI updates if you are running an ATI video card that supports HD mode in Runescape.

Zelda is also looking forward to using my machine now. The only way we could play HD was to boot to Vista and I didn't like her playing on my machine as she tends to visit other sites that may leave 'surprises' on my machine that I have to clean up. I can now set up a limited profile in Linux and she can play HD mode and surf the web without my worrying about all of those nasty virus/trojans that are floating around out there.

We have done a good number of upgrades to our skills playing. She can now burn elder evil trees, but, needs to get her wood cutting up to cut magic logs. Once she does that she can do all evil tree events. She discovered Stealing Creations and has been playing that as the rewards can be applied to tools that helps her various skill levels. I have skilling up and trying to get all of my skills to at least level 80. The skills I have to get up are:
  • Prayer = 72
  • Agility = 74
  • Thieving = 75
  • Slayer = 79
  • Runecrafting = 75
  • Hunter = 75
  • Construction = 74
  • Summoning = 74
In the living room I moved one of our older machines and plugged it into the TV as the TV has the connections. The computer is not hooked up to the net (yet), but, eventually I will be getting a wireless router. This will allow us to play USB sticksfrom anywhere in our network of pictures or movies that the kids bring over, or, stream shows from the network on our TV. Zelda is looking forward to this update as she will be wanting to play Runescape on a 26 inch TV.

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