Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some annoying things

This may come across as a bit of whining, but, there is something that a few players need to read about. When people are trying to work on their skills in a multi-combat area there are those who have either high levels and/or weapons that come in and hog all of the monsters and the kills. They think because they have the levels and/or weapons that they are somehow entitled to do whatever they want. The only thing they do is to make the game play of other people a much less-than-enjoyable experience. A few got a lesson in manners from myself and Zelda as we proceeded to show them just how annoying campers are when they take kills away. Zelda is a medium level ranger and I am a high level (82) ranger with the equipment to really take out monsters very quickly. I didn't bother to switch from ranging to melee (lvl 118) as I can hit almost as high as a ranger as with melee weapons. After about 6 stolen kills the player then left us alone and didn't try to steal any more kills and we all shared the monsters at the spot and work on our skills in peace.

I don't know why they do this, but, from their comments they seem to take a perverse pleasure of robbing us of our ability to work on our skills by stealing the monsters from us because they can almost one-hit-kill the monsters and then take all of the drops. If you are, please remember that at one time you were a lower level like us and probably complained very loudly about other players doing to you what you are doing to us now. Please, there are a lot of other monsters you can train on and if you share it will be a much more pleasurable experience for all players. Just remember that we will remember who you are and when you are in trouble and need help we may just ignore your request for help and let you lose valuable articles. In my less than humble opinion you rank up there with gold farmers, AFK (Away from keyboard) trainers, dwarf multi-cannon players, BOTs, virus/trojan writers and merch clans for your ability to take away from the game play for us who really want to work on our skills.

If you wish to attack the monsters in multi-combat areas you may want to ask the primary attacker before starting. Many times we are working on slayer tasks, at rare time a quest task and many times we risk a substantial loss if we die in-game. We may let you joing in, but, only if you ask politely first.

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