Sunday, September 20, 2009

New graphic mode and a rant

For the last couple of weeks we have been playing the new Runetek5 engine in RS. So far it has been quite nice and my machine has not been used as much by Zelda 400222 as the SD mode is now resizable and it is much nicer on her machine. I like it as it allows us to extend the life of our machines without me buying a new graphic card or buying newer machines so that she can play HD mode. The only thing that we have noticed is that the machine is working a bit harder to process the graphics and when we are at the G.E. on a busy world it gets a bit unresponsive. The first image is in SD mode, the second is HD mode.

One other thing I noticed on the update is if you hit the compass it will point your view to north which is nice at times.

On the rant side of things I have noticed that there are more and more people doing AFK (away from keyboard) magic training in the Lumbridge castle basement. They are deliberately wearing armour that lowers their magic skills and then attack low level spiders. They can then get a lot of air runes and do hours of air blast spells with 0 hits. The effect is that they don't kill the low level spider and they can get a level in magic without any risk and can be away from their machine. While this is not against the current rules it is against the spirit. If you want to train your skill you should be at the machine working. On the rant forums I noted that if they do a new random event that gets triggered after a number of '0' hits that explains how to be more effective in that skill. This would stop AFK training as in a few minutes that random would pop up and then they would have to start again or the system will auto-log them out in a few minutes.

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