Saturday, November 7, 2009

It has been too long since we have published something here.  School has started for Zelda and she has not been on as often as she wanted and work for me limited my free time to play too.

There has been a few nice changes if you have not been on for the last few months.  There is a beta of the Adventurer's Log and it has a lot of potential.  The other is now you can change your name.  Tomt1960 was less than original and I changed it to Grandpa TomT.  I did that as I am a grandfather (since May 2009) and I thought it would be cool to let everyone who plays runescape that I am a grandfather.

On the skill side of things I am slowly bringing up my combat levels (89 Att, 89 Def and 88 Str).  The latest achievement diary (Ardougne) is done to level 3.  I have only one task left for Elite and that will take a fairly long time as I will need level 93 summoning to finish that off.

There have been hints on RunescapeTwitter about upcoming things posted on November 6th and Mod Nancy has a short blog on her idea for court cases which I am following. 

Rant time
I also follow the various forums on Runescape and I have a few things
  • Future updates are for what you think will happen in the near/far future.  I see too many messages there asking for things that would fit in suggestions much better.
  • Comments that are pure complaints that Jagex did something wrong and they should fix it or 'else'!  If you see a problem point out the problem, why it is a problem and make constructive suggestions on how to improve it!  Be patient people, making changes is not easy at times and it takes a lot of time and effort to fix things.
  • Too many messages (in my less than humble opinion) saying "this doesn't work... fix it" or "this crashed, fix it now".  If you have a problem please note what browser you are using, version of Java, O/S.  Also, see if you can repeat the problem or if it was a one time thing.  Also if you have multiple browsers check them all to see if you can repeat it.  If you are like me you may be running more than one O/S.  Use the other O/S and browser(s) to see if you can replicate the problem.  The more work you can do ahead of time will make the life of the person assigned to fix the problem a lot easier.
You may not be following my linux blog, but, I have done a few changes on my platform here.  Mandriva just updated their Linux and I downloaded and tried it out.  I had to install Java, but, it was rock solid when I ran it in Firefox.  The HD mode worked without any problems.  I would have upgraded to that, but, I upgraded from Mint 5 to Mint 7.  This distro also didn't have any problems with Runescape and runs HD mode without any problems.  The only thing I had to do was enable the proprietary drive so that the HD mode would work.

Zelda is slowly working on firemaking, but, school takes priority over game playing so she hasn't progressed to far there.  I keep asking for new artwork and when it is ready I will have her update this blog with what she has been doing and showing off her artistic skills.

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