Friday, December 18, 2009

Blood Runs Deep quest

I finished the latest quest for Runscape last night.  Blood Runs Deep is a continuation of the Fremennik and Lunar Isle quests.  It took me two nights of play to get through the quest and I found it a totally enjoyable and challenging quest.

Some stats for me
Combat = 122
Attack = 90
Strength = 89
Defense = 89
Hitpoints = 92

Read the quest walk-through on the Wiki and believe me, it is very easy to die in this quest.  I moved my house to Rellekka as they recommended and that really helps.  If you have teletabs make sure you have one as you will need to use them.  During the quest at the end I had to teleport out three times before I figured out the proper way to defeat the Dagannoth Mother.

For the first part talking to Silas I was wearing Rune Armour and had 3 prayer pots, 1 teletab and the rest in monks.  I went through most of this before Baba Yaga got the lectern to work.  Afterward we were back on Lunar Isle.  Before using her 'trick' go to the bank and stock up on food, more prayer pots (3 worked for me) and a teletab.  The Dagannoth in Rellekka are agressive, but, after a while they stop being agressive and you can pick your targets.  On the saving King Vargas bring the same number of prayer pots and food as you will need them all going through the caves.  Take care to walk as he is very slow.  Also when going around corners or obstructions you may have to go back and move further out as he will get trapped. 

When fighting the sentinels take care to watch your health as they do hit hard and fairly often.  On the mother you will find this a challenge and a fairly high risk of death.  Watch your health at all times and make sure that your prayer does not run out.  If you have to leave you will need to restart the combat using Balmung.  Make sure you have protect from Melee on for that portion.  Once you get a hit you can move away so that she does not use Melee, but, Magic and range.  I found using protect from range using a combination of Armour that gives high magic protection worked for me.  It still took three teleports out and back before I got everything down on my timing.

At the end you talk to Brundt three times and you can then pick what area to apply your rewards to.  I took it all in prayer as that is a fairly expensive skill to level up in.  I went from level 78 to 80 with this.

Overall I found this one of the most enjoyable and challenging quests in the last two years and for me it was as hard as the While Guthix Sleeps quest.

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