Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blood runs deep - Slayer rewards

With my finishing the quest Blood Runs deep I have been doing slayer tasks. I have been using the Balmung for part of the slayer tasks and the increase in maximum hits does make it worth while. My prior task with the Living Rocks. Attacking the strikers I could hit a maximum in the low 40's without a problem.

Today I finally got the Dagannoths as my slayer task and using that weapon makes the quest very worthwhile. Without pots I can hit a maximum of 47 on the dagannoths under the lighthouse. When I used a super strength and super attack pots I can hit a maximum of 55. the first image shows the armour setup I was using. I was wearing the Fremennick Sea Boots level 3 as I had to recharge the lyre. The second image shows all of my stats so you can use that to compare your levels with mine to make a guestimate on what you can hit with this weapon yourself.

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