Friday, November 26, 2010

Void Night quest and other recent updates.

Now that I am off on a seven week vacation I figured I would try to finish off the 'Void Stares Back'.  I used Sal's site and the Runescape Wiki site to go through the final battle walkthrough.  Even though I am a level 129 combat the first run through was not successful.  I got about 3/4 of the way killing the queen before she finished me off.  This is a hard high level quest that is at least as hard as trying to finish off Nomad's requiem (which I am also trying to finish).  It will probably be some time before I get my quest cape back as they are not kidding when they call these quests 'MASTER QUEST'.

The changes to Runescape in the last bit seem to be nice and the reworking of the Runescape home page makes it easier to navigate (in my less than humble opinion).

The latest update for the herblore habitat I may try out later on, but, the change to the achievement diary I really like.  I can quickly click on the activity and see what the requirements are.  The only thing I have to finish off now are a number of the elite tasks.
  • Lumbridge/Draynor - Completed
  • Varrock - Nomadness & Splitting Headache.
  • Falador - Altar-ed States
  • Seer's Village - Plentypotionentiary
  • Ardougne - Abyssal Valet
  • Karamja - At one plus fifty-five with nature, The power of lava, Boxing clever
  • Fremenik - Limber Lumber Jumper, First Stryke
Of the above tasks left I am actively working on First Stryke (93 slayer) and Abyssal Valet (93 summoning).  I spent the last two days in the slayer tower killing Abyssal demons as they are decent XP, give good drops and quick to get to and bank (I use my amulet of glory and Ring of slaying for quick transport).  Every week I do the penguin hide & seek and apply the XP reward to Summoning.  I do that as this is a very expensive skill.  Both in timeand cost in food, charms and shards.  At the rate I am progressing it should be about another eight weeks before I get my summoning level 93 (two levels achieved in the last four weeks).


I just got level 94 attack which now makes me level 130 combat and a total level 2200.  Now to keep on working on getting those charms for level 93 summoning.

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