Monday, March 7, 2011

Bonus XP weekend

It will be a fun weekend coming up (March 11-13).  Jagex is holding their bonus XP weekend again.  First thing I did when it was announced was to check on the status of my supplies.  I followed up by hitting the G.E. to pick up the various secondary items I needed for herblore and I noticed that it was harder to get the supplies and the prices went up a bit.  This is not a problem for me as part of the supplies I can get myself, I just found it easier to get it off the G.E.

I have the weekend planned out roughly ->

  • Start with farming.  I have 2 spirit trees (Etceteria and Brimhaven), 5 palm trees, 5 magic trees and 1 calquat.  I have to now figure out the optimal path for maxing out my XP in the least amount of time.  I will be starting a Misc and then teletab to Karamja where I check the 2nd spirt tree, palm and calquat.  After that various teleports for the remaining trees.
  • Herblore.  I have several hundred unfinished herbs with the secondaries ready to go.  I used a simple LibreOffice spreadsheet to figure out the XP and have everything sorted so I can quickly pick out the high XP items to start with.
  • Prayer.  I have about 1,000 dragon bones so I will follow up with a trip via home teleport and finish off all of the bones.
  • Construction.  I have about 1,500 teak planks so a quick run here will do wonders.
  • Runecrafting via the Ourania Cave.  Best fast XP overall and there will probably be a lot of people using world 70.
  • Firemaking.  I have about 400 Eucalyptus logs that I cut earlier.
  • Summoning.  I just used most of my charms, but, I have about 200 various charms now.  This will be the last thing I work on as I get only 1.1 x XP.

I should get a farming and prayer level this weekend and the other skills will get a great boost.  Check out the 'Learn to skill with the pros' on Runescape for more hints and tips on how to maximize your weekend.

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