Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another dumb scammer - Jag Corp Aja

I just got a private PM from someone with the account 'JAG CORP AJA'.  They noted that 'we can noticed a certain maturity...' and then they offered me the chance to fill in a player moderation form for the chance to become a player moderator.  I decided to '???' back to them for a response and when they replied I noted that they are a free account and there was not a crown on their chat.  They told me that if I didn't trust them I didn't have to fill in the form and that they had a lot of players waiting.

Jagex never offers that, you receive an invite via your Runescape account mail so it was a scam.  I reported them for impersonating staff as the name does try to give the air that they are official Jagex.  You can check out the Safety & Security Guidlines - Scamming Prevention Guide for more information.


AnotherRsPlayer said...

Just had a JagCorp Rna.. do the same thing

Anonymous said...

I had the same today but then from JagCorp po and i felt for it. I feel so bad now because i lost 60m. But how can i stop them doing this?

Thomas Traynor said...

Anonymous. Not much you can do now, but, when I get 'invites' by paranoia goes way up. I take time to record the info, check out the Runescape site first. I also check out the account name and if it is F2P then I just ignore the 'invite'. I get a number of scams via email, phone and mail all the time. The scammers are playing a volume game, if one in a thousand takes the bait they profit.

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.