Saturday, October 29, 2011

Runescape finally bot rid of the bots

After a long time of everyone (at least legit players) complaining about the bots Jagex finally nuked the bots.  It was getting almost impossible to play in many areas on my F2P account as the resource bots were sucking all of the resources dry.  Even if you were a fairly high level player there were so many bots that the odds were against you getting anything.  Even on F2P there were a lot of bots and they were making game play there difficult.  I haven't gone around to everywhere yet, but, from the spots I normally frequent they are much quieter with legit players.

Some of the botters are doing their normal FUD by making claims like the following:
  • Skilling is a boring process and botting makes it easier.
  • It will only work a few hours and we will be back.
  • It will destroy the economy by making things (like logs, coal, herbs) more expensive.

My answers:
  • Spread out what you are doing across multiple skills.  You don't have to spend hours/days on one skill.
  • So far it has been several days and I haven't seen bots so far.
  • I haven't seen prices rise that much yet (and some have dropped).  Even if they do it will encourage players to work on the skills to get the raw materials the need.
It probably won't stop bots and I expect to start seeing a few in the coming months.  Players are lazy/greedy/impatient and are willing to pay someone to write a 'bot'.  In my less than humble opinion when Jagex catches those players Jagex should not show any mercy and do a permanent ban on those chaters.  I have actually seen a botter claim that somehow Jagex infringed on their 'rights' by taking the bots away,  BULLSHIT, you are given the privilege of playing if you follow the rules that Jagex lays down.  If you don't like the rules then don't play and don't complain when you get caught breaking the rules and get your account nuked.

I have noticed that the number of players is lower over most of the servers and that is probably a good indicator that the bots were have a large impact on the game.  When I was on world 70 for the ZMI it was just maybe a dozen players doing RC and before the bot-nuke it was several dozen (at a minimum).  Next up I want to check out the living rock cavern as that was the home to hundreds of bots.  I have a fairly good machine (quad core) with a decent graphics card and every time the bots moved from one spot to another my machine would slow to a crawl.

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