Saturday, December 1, 2012

EOC and other milestones

I have been slacking off a bit, but, with work I haven't had a lot of free time to do a lot of gaming.  I did have a bit of time to try out the EOC (Evolution of Combat) in RS and the concept takes a bit of getting used to.  So far I do like the changes as slayer tasks now seem to be going a lot faster.  The downside is that I need to be active to use the various new options for the 'special' combat moves.  You now have to plan out ahead of time what you are going to be doing and equip for that rather than just pray/tank the task.

I have also had enough time to level up a few skills and my total level is now 2400 and at this time my ranking is just under 20,000.  Part of this is to dungeoneering.  Now that EOC is live that is one area that really benefits from the combat changes and I can now do 3 or floors an hour solo without a problem.  The only downside that I see so far is that it has not stopped or slowed down the bots.

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