Thursday, September 27, 2012

Botany Bay - Finally bots get nuked again!

The new bot killing that Jagex is in place and it seems to be working.  I have been able to get on to F2P and I can actually now gather resources without too many problems competing with the bots.  The animation on spam bots is nice and it happens within about two minutes of their going 'live'.  The court itself may be 'lame' for some players, but, it is a nice distraction and I like to be able to choose their final method of being removed permanently from Runescape.  The only thing I can see is that if you are F2P I would recommend that you log on to a F2P world as the cases happens much faster there.  When I was on P2P I would get maybe one bot tried an hour, but, F2P I watched seven within thirty minutes.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take before bots make another comeback, but, I truly hope that they never will.

One of the players watching was commenting that bots are not bad in that they help make materials ready.  I wonder if that was a bot master or user.  I find that bots are extremly annoying in that the spam-bots make reading chat almost impossible or they send you 'private message' without permission.  They also hog resources so that you cannot gather materials and artificially distort prices of raw materials which further discourages players from even try to gather materials to sell so that they can buy other items for progression within the game.  If anyone disagrees with me on this please think of the blue dragons and the bots there.  I had blue dragons as a slayer task and had to cancel as there were at least four bots for every dragon and it would have taken me weeks to finish that slayer task.

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