Friday, May 22, 2015

More bratty bullies in Runescape Old School

Looks like some childish players reactions to being banned was to try to deny the majority of players who do follow the rules from being able to play OSRS.  For at least a couple of days getting on and staying on was an exercise in futility as these bullies initiated a DDOS on the OSRS servers.

Some legit players lost a lot of in-game items due to where they were and what they were doing.  While that is a bit sad, don't blame Jagex for this, blame the bullies who think they can extort Jagex into letting them back.  They were banned for not following the rules or initiating a DDOS to try to gain an unfair advantage.

I was lucky in that I didn't lose anything.  I was getting ready to do a slayer task when I thought to check the main web site and see if there was any news on updated content.  I noticed that there was a mention of a DDOS and I changed my activity to a safe one.  That was a good thing as about 15 minutes later the site dropped and it took about an hour before I could get back on.

For those who are complaining that Jagex should spend more money & time upgrading their servers, it probably won't work even if they spend more.  These bullies were probably renting a DDOS service which will allow them to pick the type of denial to use, how many machines and how long for just a few dollars an hour.  Even the biggest sites have a hard time fighting this as some of these DDOS services can flood a site with hundreds of gigs per second of traffic.

I hope Jagex can find the player(s) who did this and pass the information to the local authorities.  They may not be able to do a lot, but, at least they are on the radar of authorities.

Lastly for these bullies ->  THIS IS JUST A GAME!  Get over it, pick up and carry on in the game following the rules or just FUCK OFF AND DIE and let the rest of us enjoy and relax playing online.

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