Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Firefox 52 and Runscape in Linux

I did my normal upgrade and forgot that Firefox 51 was the last version that supported the Java plugin.  When I got to launch RS it didn't start.  I checked to see if the Java client was there and I got a clue bat that Java wasn't there any more.

Not a problem as Jagex does have a Windows client and I downloaded that and then installed WINE.  Once that was there I launched file manager, navigated to my folder where I downloaded the client and clicked on it.

Nice part is that it added the game to my menu bar and launched without a problem.  I did have to modify the default settings in the client to what I like to play with, but, that was only 1 minute of work.

So far it seems to be fairly stable and CPU runs in the 20-30% range so that is a good thing there.

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