Saturday, August 27, 2016

Old School update to construction

This week Jagex updated the Construction skill in Old School Runescape.  To put it quickly and simply I like the changes.  The tweaks are small, but, welcome.  The biggest is the ability to rearrange your house.  Before you had to destroy a room with all contents if you wanted it in a different location or rotated to allow for an expansion.  This way you can click on a room and then click where you want it and rotate it.  It has limits in that if there is something attached above/below then there are limits on the rotate.  I used the function to expand out the spacing in the house to allow me putting in the new features that are part of the update.

The one new spot you can build allows you to create a pool that recharges.  Right now it is set up to recharge run energy and that helps when I am doing long sessions making flat packs.  When I arrive I click on the pool to refresh then build.  It makes it a lot cheaper and easier than using energy or super energy potions.

There is another spot I can build, but, it requires level 80 and at this time I am only level 75.  Overall this is a nice well designed update to the game that the original Runescape doesn't have and should.

My current house layout

Interface on lower right has new option

Click on a room to move and/or rotate

I prefer playing Old School as it is simple to play, not overloaded with features and functions.  It also works well on lower end machines and runs in a browser in Linux.

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