Sunday, July 3, 2016

OSRS - Bots, they are back

Bots have always been in Runescape (and other games), but, I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that there are more and more.  Every time I go to the G.E. (Grand Exchange) there are two or more bots advertising various sites for bots.  They think they are clever by using special characters and punctuation to hide the name of the site, but, I a person can recognize the URL it isn't that hard for a script to scan the logs of public conversations to find them too.  Every one I see I report just-in-case there is something new that may get missed.  I have noticed that Jagex has made a minor, but, nice change to the reporting function.  Before I would report and then mute so I wouldn't get 'spammed', but, now mute is part of the reporting function and that is a small AND nice change.  I trust that Jagex is on top of this and in the future do another bot nuke.

In my less-than-humble opinion they should also collaborate with the other gaming companies and see what can be done as a group.  I suspect the bot makers are not just Runescape specific and if the group can shut them down it would improve the game play as players cannot buy/cheat their way to being top tier players.  They also should follow the money.  Who is processing the credit card orders may be pressured into dropping the companies.

The sad thing is that bots will always be around and there is a small core of gamers who will not follow the rules and cheat their way through the game.  They think the goal is to finish all quests, get 99 in every skill, max out their banks and they are wrong.  The goal is explore what is there and the above is the end result of having fun.

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