Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Having fun with the new content - ZEAH!

For the last several days I have been trying out the new content in Old School Runescape.  I should have done a lot more reading before I started though.  I did start out in Hosidius and hit 100%.  I then wanted to get the 100% in Arceuus for the runecrafting.  When I started out the Arceuus items I noticed my prior 100% went away.  I did a bit of reading and they stated quite clearly that you can have only one, I missed that and I wasted about 2 days of my time there.  I will be keeping Arceuus as my next goal is to improve my runecrafting.  Lesson learned, read the article slowly and carefully!

Another item is the main laptop was upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 so I will be keeping an eye on how the OSRS app runs after the upgrade.  The netbook upgraded without an issue and OSRS works, but, I am paranoid and will doing safe activities until I see how stable it is on the upgraded laptop.

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